Neil Tesser -
Grammy winning Jazz Author, Broadcaster:

On Lanny Grilly’s - Concerto Grosso Jazz Project:

On Lanny Grilly’s - New Venue Grand Opening:

As A Musician:

Neil Fleckman - August 2018

International Theater Director

Lanny Grilly is a drum virtuoso. His versatility in support of Turkish musician Umut Deniz Topcuoglu made our event a true partnership of artists. Although Lanny and Umut Deniz speak different languages, musically they were on the exact same wave length. Lanny's years of experience speak to his generosity of spirit, and the warm rapport he brought to our rehearsals and performance. We were indeed fortunate to collaborate with him.


George Goetschel
Musician/ Teacher - Chicago Symphony Choir, Chicago, IL/ Nashville TN

"Lanny fills the hearts with great satisfaction for anyone he works with in all capacities. Lanny instills a strong sense of confidence, joy and pride with his multi talents in the highest of professional capacities. Lanny always brilliantly accomplishes everything he sets out to do and is asked to do. Lanny is an artist, musician and businessman of principle, ethics and virtue. Please do yourself and others a favor; Hire Lanny, work with him and I am sure you will experience the same effect and more."


Scott Hirtenstein
Musician - Chicago, IL/Las Vegas, NV
"Lanny Grilly is a great guy and wonderful musician. He and I go back many years and I am happy to have reconnected with him and to have become part of the Grilly Brothers Sextet. His many years in the corporate world help him to take care of business in the music world as well. He thinks big and gives back to the community as he is quite involved in the evolution of North Milwaukee Avenue becoming an entertainment destination in Chicago. He has established Orchestra Hall Presents! as an incredible venue for a wide variety of entertainment at a reasonable price. And a music school is in the works, too. So if you are in the market for music, need a music school or a venue for your act call Lanny and your needs will be taken care of in a way that will leave you happy."


As Recording Engineer/Owner:

J. Lawrie Bloom
Principal Bass Clarinet/2nd Clarinet - Chicago Symphony Orchestra
"Lanny was the recording engineer for a solo CD I made. He was terrific to work with, great at what he was doing and good at keeping me on task. The product turned out well, and I hope to be able to do more with him in the future. I strongly recommend Lanny if you have a recording project coming up."



As A Jazz Club & Entertainment Venue Owner/Manager:

Lisa Russ
President - Chicago Rotary Club
“Logan Square Recording Studio is a beautiful, intimate space that is just now making itself known in the Logan Square community. Whether a theater production, jazz show, chamber music or party/event space - the ambiance and beauty of this space really enhances the outcome. I've worked with Lanny on an event which we recently held at the studio. Lanny knows what he is doing and is a great pleasure to work with - he is flexible and experienced.”


Seth Captain
Captain Realty - Chicago, IL
"Having spent a considerable amount of time in Chicago's wide range of music and theater venues, I feel comfortable saying that Chicago has not seen a performing space as unique and captivating as Logan Square Recording Studio in the last ten years. There is not an under 100 capacity venue that exudes the charm, warmth and sense of history in the manner that Logan Square Recording Studio does.

I think a performer would find it a challenging task to find a theater owner more knowledgeable, personable, and reliable than Lanny Grilly. There is a reason this man has been involved in the Chicago music scene for over forty years, and its utterly apparent with every visit I make to an Orchestra Hall performance.

I wish I could find more performing arts spaces, and more venue owners like Lanny, throughout Chicago."