Our show re-imagines Brubeck's compositions that were performed on his landmark albums, "Time Out" , "Time Further Out", and "Countdown - Time In Outer Space."


"Brubeck's explorations beyond the basic 4/4 beat are at the heart ofhis musical life, and certainly represent his greatests contributions to modern jazz. With his music, he and his bandmates developed complexities of meter and rhythm that are every bit as ingenious as those of other artists that are considered to be more 'authentic.'


That so few people listen carefully enough to hear just how much is going on in this music is testament to how effortless the DBQ made it sound, and to how good Brubeck was at wedding these rhythmic oddities to memorable melodies in a way that still swung...


A listen with fresh ears will reveal how ingenious, how radical (this was 1959!), and how utterly compelling the best of this music is."                  JOSHUA WEINER - All About Jazz








Lanny GrillyDrummer/Producer


 Lanny has a long history in Jazz, but The Tribute To Dave Brubeck has been a dream project for many years.


Lanny has headed various groups over the years (The Grilly Brothers/Jeff Kier) and has performed with Willie Pickens, Mose Allison, Chuck Webb, Judy Roberts, Laury Shelly, Kim Marte1l, Michael Arnopol, Nick Drozdoff, Fareed Haque, Henry Johnson, Robert Goulet, and many others.


Additionally, He's played at numerous Jazz Festivals, and venues throughout the country from San Francisco to Las Vegas to New York and internationally in Rome, Paris, Tel Aviv, Negril Jamaica, and Havana Cuba.




Peter Roothaan

Sax/Music Director


Saxophonist Peter Roothaan has performed with such jazz luminaries as singer Nancy Wilson, saxophone greats James Moody, David “Fathead” Newman, Bennie Golson, Jimmy Heath, vibraphonist Terry Gibbs, organist Chris Foreman, guitarist Henry Johnson, and many others. He has appeared nationwide a at major jazz festivals and nationally recognized jazz clubs. He has also performed at Ravinia, the Chicago Jazz Festival, and Chicago’s Symphony Center.


In addition to performing, Mr. Roothaan maintains a teaching studio where he teaches saxophone, clarinet, flute, and piano, focusing on both instrumental technique and joyful self-expression through music composition and improvisation



Leandro Lopez Varady - Pianist

 Leandro was a famed pianist in Argentina- since emigrating to Chicago, he has been in demand in the jazz & theater circles in Chicago. Most notably, The Chicago Jazz Philarmonic, and currently the musical director of Looking Glass Theater productions


Leandro has performed at festivals

around the world including The

Chicago Jazz Festival, Detroit Jazz Fest, Made In Chicago Festival in Poland, The Havana Jazz Festival in Cuba, and The Jazz Y Pop Festival

in Buenos Aires.

CJP Profile: Leandro Lopez Varady from Mai-Tech Interactive on Vimeo.


Rafe Bradford



Famed bassist Rafe Bradford is an industry veteran who has performed with such notables as Nancy Wilson, Mc Coy Tyner, Stanley Turrentine, and Aretha Franklin…just to name a few. 

Also, Rafe is top recording producer and session player, whose diversity has been the on-call bassist for commercials, such as, McDonald's, Golden Grahams, Crest, and even "Oprah !"

Rafe is also an endorser for Nordstrom  Studio Basses.