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This is the best sounding and transparent software reverb on the market today. It realistically captures actual spaces and converts them to impulse responses that you can as a


                   Equipment List                                    


Digimax PreSonus- 96k digital, 8 channel pre-amp, with light pipe output. Currently, we are running all our 
drums in the drum booth through this for pristine sound.

Motu 896- Audio interface, 96k firewire, 8 channel light pipe in/out, plus 8 mic pre-amps. 

Behringer DI Box-direct in and out box.

Mackie 1642 VLZ Pro- 16 Channel Mic/Line mixer

Leslie Speaker for Hammond Organ - great for guitars, too

100's of softtware effects & pre-amps





96 Tracks-We can handle big bands as well as trios and soloists. Also, our we have the best equipment available for vocalists.

250+ MIDI tracks-We can handle just about any outrageous configuration you mad scientists can cook up, just bring in 
your synth sounds, or use ours.

Motu 2408-24 Channel Audio Interface

Yamaha R100 Reverb Processor

Korg X5DR Synthisizer-Library of 500 synth sounds

Apple Xenon Quad-Core tower

Apple 13' Air laptop

Apple 2.67 ghz MacBook Pro

Apple 17" and 22" Cinema Flat Screens

HHB Circle 5 Powered Mixing Monitors-Offer the flattest signal possible, made by those fine folks over in England who know a thing or two about recording.

Mackie SRM450 Powered Monitors-Used for playback and rehearsal.

LaCie CD Burner

LaCie 20x dual-layer DVD Burner-with LightScribe wi

Tascam CD-A500-pro deck CD/Cassette Tape recorder, we will provide you with a standard cassete copy of your
 session if you want one (or if your car doesn’t have a CD player)


 Musical Equipment:

Kurzweil digital piano- truly the best digital on the market - Weighted keys

with many software symphonic, world music, sound effect , and loop libraries


Yamaha Ten Piece Studio Recording Kit with RMS Mounts and Double Bass-18" and 20" Kicks. This Drum Set has been 
featured on two Grammy Award winning CD's. They were formerly owned by Paul Wertico (of Pat Metheny Group) and Paul helped us set them up and our drum booth for an incredible sound. Thanks Paul!

 Ludwig "Ringo Starr" 5 Piece Kit W/ 20" Kick-great bebop kit!


  Many Paiste & ZildgianCymbals

 Roland Vdrum Electric Snare  tons of effects!

 DW Pedals and Hardware including single and double bass pedals


 Top of the line LP Congas and Bongos w/ stands and many percussion extras, bells, shakers, etc.


 Video Equipment:

 In addition to recording your demo, we are capable of videotaping your session or a gig and editing to give you a polished demo reel. 
We can format the video for your web site or DVD.

Canon GL-2's: Great pro 3 chip optics -w/ lighting & xlr adaptors.

 Canon Elura Mini DV-When just a little video is just enough.

JVC Mini DV/VCR Deck: If you have some video in standard tape format, we can digitize it and edit it with new video and output it to 
Video CD or DVD.

Final Cut Pro HD Production Suite:

One the most widely used Non-Linear Editing programs. Includes Motion, Soundtrack (great for creating loops), LiveType, DVD Studio Pro 3, and Compressor. Quickly replacing other professional editing software. Made by Apple, of course.

 Sony Pro Video Monitor  



 Peavey PVM T-9000-tube condenser mic, makes even the wimpiest voice sound like an operatic singer or Barry White.

 We have several of these Shure mics: KSM141, KSM32, SM81, and SM57.

 We also use mics by Audio-Technica (AT4047), Sennheiser, BeyerDynamic, and Octava.  



Digital Performer 7: MOTU's(Mark Of The Unicorn) biggest threat to Pro Tools. DP7 allows us to use plug-ins from any developer and hardware from any manufacturer. This has enabled us to afford the best equipment and still be sensitive to the musician's budget. DP7 is by no means a discount program, it is every bit as robust and stable as Pro Tools, just much more flexible - DP7 is also used by most Hollywood studios for film scoring.


Adobe Creative Suite 5.1.

Altiverb 7 for MacOS X -probably the best reverb on the market

Finale 8

Guitar Rig

Toast Titanium 8

Sound Soap

Sorenson Cleaner-Outputs your Audio or Video file into any format.

Final Cut Pro HD Production Suite-see video equipment

Adobe After Effects-Used to create special effects and unique titling effects on video projects.  



We are located between California & Fullerton, between Bucktown & Logan Square. We recently moved our studio to  larger quarters which was newly remodeled expressly to accomodate the studio. The high celings, thick plaster & lathe walls, and suspended hardwood floors, give the studio amazing acoustics -perfect for live Classical, Jazz, and Acoustic music.

The new hardwood floors really add to the magnificant sound of the Steinway Concert Grand.

Our studio is large enough to accommodate a large chamber ensemble. We also have a large collection of art that gives our space a very cool gallery feel. See pictures on our Gallery page

We have a large sound proof booth for isolating vocals/voiceovers or overdubs from a live session, . Those Yamaha Drums we bought from Paul Wertico sound amazing in here!

Our control room is open aired and comfortable during the mix. Our oversized flat screens help everyone involved in the mix to have a good view.

We also have  a free parking lot and a deck to relax and blow off steam. Our clients all agree that our studio is one of the most comfortable and inspiring around!


Imagine to be able to record in St. Paul's Cathedral, or the Grand Canyon, or even the back of a Ford Van. The sound is unbelievable and the quality is comparable to the highest end hardware processor's ( think $15,000 to $25,000)